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Philips logoIn opdracht van Philips Communication Systems Division – Marketing, Sales and Customer Services is dit project tot stand gekomen. Het is een tweetalige uitgave – in Engels en Spaans – genaamd: “Cosmunication”. In dit boek “vertaalt” Paul Stassar de complexe en tevens bijzonder boeiende kunstwerken van de schilder Peter Thomasse naar de lezers.

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Boek Cosmunication

In beeld staat een van zijn eerste werken: “Cosmunication”. De “vertaling” is:

Man’s origins are the result of seemingly random circumstances. Water, earth, air en fire have made homo sapiens into what he is now. Coming from the water, man climbed upon the land, standing upright and spreading his wings: the ultimate evolution. He has been provided with dialectical tensions: on the one hand his basic wishes for stability and on the other his irresistible desire for constant change.

His attention is now primarily aimed at his greatest challenge, the cosmos. He will leave his origin, planet Earth, and establish colonies on immense airships, moving by the thousands through the universe, nourished by the Sun’s energy. The transformation of Cosmic Man will take place in phases, one of which is depicted in Cosmunication. Interstellar and bilateral communication is effected through laser-beams – rendered here in two primary colours – taking care of efficient, human space travel.

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